Update (12/03/2012) – We’ve now completed the transition to brand spankin’ new servers and your custom teams survived the shift. All should be working again now – let us know if you have any problems.

You may have noticed that recently our servers have collapsed more frequently than the English Test middle order in the UAE.

Rest assured we find this just as frustrating as you and we’re in the process of migrating to a new and more robust server solution. We’re not really sure what that means either, but the geeks assure us it will result in much less downtime (and much less productivity for you at work/school).

While we’re in the process of migrating to this fandangled new server, we’ve had to reduce some functionality – such as custom teams – to help the current system cope.

Rest assured all team data will be retained and restored in the near future, although we can’t guarantee your players won’t all return as rangas