From the makers of the most popular cricket game in the world, Stick Tennis is available today on the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Continuing Stick Cricket’s irreverent attitude, players will have the chance to test their skills against the likes of Martina Shankitova, Horan Ivanitchisac and Moanica Shrieker. However, things get more serious with World Domination and The Slam game modes where players are offered over 64 opponents from current top seeds to tennis legends, each with customised player attributes.

Player caricatures make for amusing viewing with the option to play Mullet Andre against Bald Andre, truly a tennis first. Game performance is still the main focus, and challenging play is offered via six different game modes on ten international courts, each with unique characteristics.

Dispensing with the complex controls usually associated with tennis games, a simple, one fingered swipe action has been employed to choose direction and timing, resulting in truly intuitive tennis game play.

For the competitive, The Daily Challenge offers players a one-off match against a featured opponent, with scores posted to form a daily world ranking table.

“Stick Tennis, combines simplistic game play, speed and depth, making it appeal to both casual and hard-core gamers. If you like Stick Cricket, you’ll love Stick Tennis,” says Stick Sports Managing Director Paul Collins.

Available as a FREE download from iTunes. Additional game modes are available – The Slams at 69p and World Domination at £1.99.