Summer time has finally arrived in London, judging by the amount of pale flesh on show in the park opposite Stick Towers. That means it’s just a few short weeks until they’ll be queueing up for strawberries in SW19, all eagerly anticipating Andy Murray’s annual routine of raising British hopes and then dashing dreams with a semi-final exit.

There’s been no tanning for the Stick Sports team however. We’re flat out putting the finishing touches on a new mobile game for iOS (Android will follow soon after), inventively titled Stick Tennis. If all goes to plan, it should be available on the App Store before Sharapova’s first shriek of Wimbledon 2012.

Features of Stick Tennis will include:

  • Casual Sets Tennis Club: The best place to learn the ropes, commitment-free. Book a practice match against the likes of Martina Shankitova or Musthav Curtains, with the Prac-o-meter to help you master shot timing.
  • World Domination: If you’ve played Stick Cricket World Domination, you know the drill. Take on 32 of the biggest names in both men’s and women’s tennis history in your quest for World Domination.
  • The Slams: Three slams (France, Australia and England) will be available initially, with USA slam arriving in August.
  • Daily Challenge: Every day of the week there’ll be a new challenge for you to complete and compete – see how you stack up compared to other Stick Tennis devotees.
  • Challenge a friend: Coming later in 2012. Better start finding yourself some friends.
  • Blue clay: Just kidding. We’re not that crazy.

Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Facebook, as we’ll have a gameplay trailer for you to feast your eyes on soon.