Stick Sports, the team that created the internet phenomenon Stick Cricket, have hit a home run with the launch of their new online game, Stick Baseball.

Stick Baseball is sure to become the bane of employers as baseball fans batter up on the internet during work hours. It’s free, fast-paced, simple and unsurprisingly addictive. will build on the remarkable global impact of and its 100,000 plus daily visitors who average a little over 6 minutes of play time on each visit.

Stick Sports has taken aim at America’s 45 million young male professionals. If even 0.5 percent of 18-35 year old American men played for an average of 6 minutes each day, it could cost US business over $114 million a year on employees wasting time stepping up to the plate. This figure could be much larger as the game will appeal to the 37 percent of American’s who say they are baseball fans.

Stick Cricket is an internet phenomenon. Its enormous popularity among office workers has led to accusations that it has negatively affected the GDP of Great Britain and Australia.

In customary Stick Sports style, the game-play is simple but never simplistic. The controls are straightforward but allow a good selection of curve balls and triple plays. The retro feel appeals to young and veteran gamers alike and the three difficulty levels provide a suitable test for any player.

Stick Baseball is very aggressive like its Stick Sports counterparts and makes the site very competitive and challenging. It includes training sessions, team play, a home run derby and a hall of fame.

First time users can play the game without registration. For more serious e-athletes, a registration process allows players to record and post their scores and to access extra features.

Stick Sports provides interactive online sports games that capture the attention of male professionals. Director Paul Collins says, “Interactive online games have emerged as one of the most exciting and effective marketing platforms. It allows for constant advertisements in the actual game or in the spaces around it.”

Paul Kitchin, lecturer and academic in Sports Management at London Metropolitan University says, “Consumer brands, advertising agencies and sporting organisations all need to be aware of the valuable consumer segments that Stick Sports’ free online games serve. There are opportunities for all of these parties to benefit through partnerships that can achieve a number of business objectives.”

Chris Berry, from Stick Sports, says, “All I can do is say sorry to US businesses, but we had to respond to the outcry from across the pond for an American oriented game. It’s the ideal seventh inning stretch during the work day.”

Stick Sports caters for a predominantly young adult, professional male market of game players. Two thirds of Stick Sports’ users are male, aged 18-30 and work in an office environment. Overall, 97.5 percent of Stick Sports’ users are male and 78 per cent do not have children

Stick Sports’ users spend approximately twenty minutes on each visit to the company’s websites. Stick Cricket’s record visits in a single day was 750,000.

The public beta of Stick Baseball can be played at