Video games have had an impactful role in society, right from its inception to the mobile games that we have access to today. The creation and distribution of video games dates back to the early 1950s, where video games were published to convert entertainment from a passive mode (like the television) to an active form.

Four years later came the first version of a combat video game as Steve Russell created Spacewar. That was the first video game that had interoperability between networks, such as computers. Multiple users could play Spacewar if it was installed on their computers.

The method of developing these video games have changed drastically, right from the advent of motion graphics. The process of enjoying these video games, however, changed with the rise of the console, an instrument that allowed a user to interact easily with the objective of the video game.

Ralph H. Baer is widely considered as the creator of the home video game console. He started creating the home console back in 1966, with a prototype that was initially scribbled on paper. We’ll get to his fascinating story a little later in our video game historical presentation. Not long after came the video game revolution created by Atari.

We will continue to highlight some of the vital moments in the creation and the business of mobile and video games each week. Tune in soon for the next video game answers.